About Us: TWO Networks AAUA

One of the greatest desires of every human is to communicate their thoughts. Who wants to be the only one who listens to the sound he makes? The guy who stands to speak with all competence during a class discussion or that pastor who stands to preach in a church meeting?

The lady who sits facing a panel of interviewers, the guy who wants to ask a lady out, a student sitting to write an examination; all have just one goal- to communicate their thoughts.

The weight of our effectiveness as individuals will be affected greatly by our communication and writing skills.

Nearly 600 employers asserted to this, according to corporate Recruiters survey (2014) when they revealed what they want from new graduate business hires: ‘’people who can speak well, write well, listen to others, present well, sell ideas to others and negotiate with others in the course of running a business-in order words, they want Communicators, with a capital ‘C’.

So, it hardly seems that this skill, so valuable, essential and held in high esteem by mankind, should be totally lacking in an average person…but such is the case.

Seeing the need to equip our youths with excellence communication and writing skills, the pioneering chief Pen/founder, Mr Aliu Royal Oluwafemi (Top-Royal) relayed this vision to two of his colleagues; Orija Ponmile and Olanrewaju Olokunde and TWO Networks was formally inaugurated on 31st August 2010.

Today, TWO membership has grown to about 100 comprising members with well over 3000 students involved in her numerous activities ranging from training programs, conferences, contests , publications…and through her activities, TWO Networks challenges, motivates and mobilizes students to develop themselves for the future.

TWO is composed of five major clubs;

  1. Top-Notch Writers.
  2. Top-Notch Speakers.
  3. Top-Notch Poets.
  4. Top-Notch Press Club.
  5. Top-Notch Book Review Club

These clubs are established to focus on activities like writing, public speaking, debating, reading and review of books, capturing events, reporting and interviewing, campus journalism, painting, drawing etc.

TWO Networks was established to help you discover and develop your skills, join us today for a beautiful experience.

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