There was an unusual silence around the bed where I laid. Those noisy, blood-sucking mosquitoes that would not allow me a minute rest the previous night seem to have all disappeared.
The wind was blowing very strong that I wonder if it was flaunting it’s strength to its lover, like a man showing off his six packs. My eyes were still shut and slowly, I was drifting into a deep sleep again. Oh! how lovely, back again into the dream world!

The picture of a familiar face flashed through my mind. At first, I could only see her well-arranged, sparkling white set of teeth which could melt a crumbling soul. Gradually the almost faded image became clearer. She smiled and I could feel my long time worries fading and life seem to be a garden of all possibilities. Her eyes were clear and true. She was stunning.

Still my sleepy eyes were shut and I squinted as rays of light made their ways to the mat where I laid.
“Iyanu, get up!” a voice called. “It’s time for prayers.” It had to be my mother. I laid still on the mat closing my eyes tightly, praying she allow me get this second round of sleep.
The dream was appealing but mother wants me awake.

Each morning, I am faced with two tough choices, each with its benefit;
The first and most appealing is to sleep more, after all I am tired and it’s still early but a little voice would say, wake up you need to work hard.

Every day, I am faced with two difficult choices;
The first and most appealing is to stay in my comfort zone
The second, to explore new things.
The first choice is the pathway to an average life. The second is a pathway to a successful life.
Some decisions are difficult. Yet, we have to choose right because the decisions we make today will determine our success tomorrow. Don’t ever give in to mediocrity, an average life is not meant for you to live, stay up, stand up, move out of your comfort zone because success never comes to those who doesn’t.


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