Lying helplessly, six feet below the ground, he is long dead but he was an innocent man, and everyone knows.

He made his abode religious gatherings, never absent, very faithful. Peaceably, he lived with all men, not a word of

curse spurred out of his righteous lips, he was an innocent man.

With great sense of responsibility did he raised his seeds, he had a virtuous woman as wife and he had a peace-loving family.

Hath thou forgotten his struggles? How he would leave for the field and never come back until the sun had refuse to give her light, that he may put food on the table for his family. The priest at his funeral service also attested to this

 “He lived a good life, he was an innocent man, and may his gently soul rest in  perfect peace.”

“I fear the dead, yet will I not cease to speak the truth; I fear the dead, yet I cannot bear to cover his wickedness; I honor the dead, and I will say, like others, he was a good man, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace”

But Behold his children! They do not moan him, they weep for themselves.

How will we survive?

Who will pay our tuition?

And his innocent wife, the wife of his youth, beautiful and modest, her heart is broken. She weeps and would not be comforted, her friends tried to lift her spirit yet she weeps and would not be comforted. Who can comfort her?

Tell me…

How will she take upon herself two person’s responsibilities?

The innocent man, in simplicity was he born, in simplicity did he passed away.

His family lacked no good thing, except an insure future. To his children he added no value, not in riches, not in mind-power, safe for the innocent life he gave them.

He was contented with a meager income; he was comfortable with a average life.

His inherent abilities he selfishly withheld, till he passed away into the grave six feet below the topsoil…yet he was tagged ‘innocent’

Who could be more guilty?

What could be more wicked?

Because of these ‘innocent’ men, our nation crumbles. Our loved ones die unjustly, potentials and talents waste away because of the innocent way they lived.

For how long will YOU continue in your ‘innocency?’

For how long shall we say, “He was a good man, may he gentle soul rest in perfect peace.?”

Like this innocent man, we shall all end up six feet below the ground one day. This we cannot change, but we can change the words which shall be engraved on our graves, we can change the words that shall be spoken of us at the end of our lives.

WE ARE BORN TO DIE AS LEGENDS…not as ‘good’ men…never as innocent men!


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