Believe in Yourself

Though it might be a great task, but it is worth doing. No matter the extra effort it will take, you have to be positive about life and your creator as it will make you strong to surmount the challenges that lie ahead and give us the keys to living a fruitful life. He testifies to this by asserting that “I am the way My slave thinks of Me’. Believing in one’s self involves believing that God has created you in the perfect way with the grace to excel in your endeavours because “there is no fault in the creation of the Most Merciful”(67:3)
.It’s all about having faith. Certainly, some conditions are attributed to loss of courage and disbelief in one’s self.
However, the mannerism of dealing with such situations determines it all. For instance, imperfection is part of human nature, when you make a mistake, it might make you feel bad, but it is how you let it affect you is the ‘real bad’. You could let all these things let you down but you should let them go, embrace them as character forming and in general as positive rather than negative. Do not bother yourself so much about your flaws and mistakes, as worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything, all it does is to steal your joy and keeps you very busy doing nothing. Believe that your subsequent trials will yield fruitful result and get on with life. One of the happiest moments ever is to find the courage to let go what you can’t change.
Indeed, happiness is essential in one’s life. It is an inevitable tool to believing in one’s self. If you are not happy with and refuse to believe in yourself, no one else will. Learn to be your own best friend because there are going to be days when no one will be there for you except yourself. You need to know where true happiness and success comes from. The secret lies in knowing how to trigger it without anyone or anything else being involved except God, your creator.
Lastly, kindly keep these to yourself: You are who you believe you are and not what people think you are. You are what God made you to be and not what people want you to be. You need to be mature and focused and be less concerned about what others think of you, it doesn’t really matter. Someone opinion is not your reality unless you believe in it. Their words are powerless without your acknowledgement. They don’t walk in your shoes, why give them the power to direct your path? Keep believing in yourself, keep moving forward and let no one hold you back no matter what. If you believe in Almighty God and strive with all your might to please Him, every success is just the beginning of your success story.
Ogunsusi Tawakalt….. TWO AAUA


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