Book Review

As I spent a lot of time watching the walk, I realized that there was also a style of eating,of speaking, of behaviour and getting along with different personality. It wasn’t enough that I was good at my own Habit. It wasn’t just a stroll – it was a complete Transformation.
And intently, as I watched, I noticed that what book was read was germane, as was what stuff you gave a full attention to, how you talk to your colleagues, what you said at every Occasion- everything, in fact, was being Judged, acted upon.
WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO (by Tim Lahaye) is about creating and exposing hidden things you know not about the Man in the Mirror. What do you know about Temperament? What Temperament are you? What can you do in improving your relationship with other’s? How to get ahead in your career? All embedded in this great book we are about to Review to everyone.
. The Power of Temperament.
. What Temperament are you?
. Temperament and your Vocation.
. Temperament and your Emotions.
. Temperament in Love and Marriage.
.Temperament and your Spiritual Life.
The Review of the above itemized Subject would be done at intervals, so we employ all readers to adhere patiently as they Journey with the Book Review Club in opening them up to thing’s they know, also the other parts of it.
Remember, never condemn anyone if you haven’t discovered who you are and also who they are.
Top Notch Writers’ Organization.28782957_587491378256633_8809835481964349705_n


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