The moment a man decides to start living, that very moment he has decided to start working. Living is continues and so is working. No one survives without working. Work could be negative or positive. By this I mean you could work for bad and work for good, this is not our topic today; but remember to always do good. People are of the opinion that rich people don’t work. Work is defined as an act that involves physical, or mental, or spiritual part of a matter to achieve something. This definition makes it clear to us that most people ( the rich especially) may not be engaged in physical work but they sure do work. In civilized communities, mental work even pays more. The sum total of all, scheming, planning, programming, and all other related efforts, is work in progress. There are many works in life; good work, bad work, team work, mental work and whatever is left but the greatest of them all is hard work. Like Edison, it has no substitute. That is to say that the place of hard work cannot be taken by any other virtue. It is simply irreplaceable. Adopt it today. Hard work can differentiate two equals at the same position on the same duty and at the same time and conditions. I have come to see that hard workers may not always be rich, but they are never hungry. Do you know that all great men are hard workers but not all hard workers are great men? We will still treat why and how but for now know the values of hard work. A lot of people talk of something called luck. Do you believe in it? I do not. Lucille Ball said “luck to me is something else; hard work is realizing what is and what isn’t opportunity”. Where is the place of luck? Pastor Kayode of Living Faith Worldwide, defined luck as L = Laboring U = Under C = Correct K = Knowledge If this definition is correct, then there is no luck I stead someone was laboring under correct knowledge. When preparedness meets opportunity, a goal is achieved. Yet people talk of luck. No! Coincidence they call it as a second name when coincidence is merely God preferring to be anonymous. Work hard with the right knowledge. Once, in my nursery school, my terminal result was 6th. My class teacher wrote; work hard can do better. My parents picked on this and intensified on the group work I did on my studies. It paid off as the worst result of mine afterwards was 2nd. Great minds, hard work has no substitute. CONCLUSION Life is a task master and a just prayer. Everyone has got a task to accomplish. Work at it. It doesn’t matter if you have to work overtime. Life pays right. Do the much you ought to not the little you wish to. Hard work is to you what calcium is to bones. It develops you. The more tasks you overcome, the stronger you become. There is no weak ruler that will last long. To rule your word, you must get strong; to get strong, you must overcome tasks; to overcome tasks, you must work hard, for hard work has no substitute.
TWO Networks AAUA


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