Good Morning to you all.
The mind which is trained to read well has its analytic and critical powers developed. The mind which is trained to discuss well has them further sharpened.
One requires a tolerance for arguments through dealings patiently and sympathetically. We learn that the only authority is reasons and evidence. We do not try to gain ascendancy by show of force or by counting the noses of those of those who disagree with us. Genuine issues cannot be decided by mere weight of opinion. We must appeal to reason, not depend on pressure. It is irrelevant whether an individual has graduated with a degree in medicine, engineering, law,education, arts or sciences, his exposure to the liberal arts is necessary to provide this refinement. The most important preoccupation of the African university therefore, must be to produce leaders whose educational background would enable them to strive everlasting for truth, justice and fairplay in national and international issues.


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