Imitation and Comparison


There are no two people with the same qualities or abilities anywhere. Everyone is so unique that no one can find his photocopy. When you know that you are a rare breed. Comparison is a very poor scale for assessment. No ones abilities and capabilities can be judged by that of another. We all have a way of doing it the way we know it best. Every man is the best in his own world of his talents.
I always advocate; do not follow the crowd. Dare to be different. Comparison is a personal limitation. It does not let you get to know the real you. People who are ways in comparison with others have as their reward;
1: Lack of self fulfilment
2: Frustration
3: Loss of personal direction
Do you know that you are an endangered specie? If you fail to reproduce your qualities, you will soon be in extinction. Stop trying to be like someone else. John Mason wrote ” when you try to be like someone else, the best you can ever be is number two”, what a pity.
A healthy competition for the sake of keeping up in performance is encouraged; competition in the sense that you want to meet up in areas that are ascertained that you are behind. In this case, they must be a set standard maybe set by God, your boss, or any other authority of which you are subject to not a standard set by the person trying to imitate. From time to time, everyone makes a little check up of himself to avoid checking out. He/ she is still in fashion. Do not misinterpret nor misplace this moment of comparison. Take a careful reappraisal of yourself to maintain and to edit your standards. Do not imitate. Imitation is a compromise of standards. Nevertheless it is good to learn from one another, good standards, something that improves you and makes you better person; that is why we advocate for mentorship. Good and healthy mentorship.
When I was in secondary school, my group of class tops always met at the end of the term to compare our results. We had this friend who was so good in mathematics but average at other subjects. We all wanted to be like him, so we practiced more of mathematics. Before long he had started beating us all. This was because we were just apprentices in that area where he a master. The best we should have done was to have mastered that which was our strength. Have you ever bought a shoe of size 9 although you use size 6 just because you saw it on someone else? You will definitely look clumsy in it.
In adopting mentors, do not be misled. Many people are so carried away in trying to be like their mentors that they have forgotten to be like themselves. I have heard people say ‘ I want to be like Mandela’, ‘ I want to be like Adenuga’, or I want to be like Soludo. The question is; when you are that person, who will be you?. A mentor is usually a more experienced person whose exploits helps to inspire and direct a less experienced person.
God never ran out of ideas in His creation of man. Even identical twins have differences. Each man is an embodiment of his own so much.
Many people are quick to cross from this to the extent of hero – worshipping. We in the race of ruling our worlds should do away with all these limiting instincts of Imitation and comparison. It is comparison that begets Imitation. Comparison makes you an average person; a limited person; it makes you a duplicate copy. Although Lionel Messi is dubbed the new Maradona. Like a Musician Timaya word say, you cannot be like me so also can I never be like you. We may share some similarities, but the differences abound more.
Stop trying to be like someone else . Be yourself. Being yourself, makes you an original; a priceless piece without replacement. Be who you were born to be. Like Zig Ziglar would say ” see you at the top”. RULE YOUR WORLD.
“Comparing yourself with another man is like sowing your suit with another man’s measurement”…. Ugochukwu Victor Ezeribe


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