Mistakes and Failures


“The man, who makes no mistakes, does not usually make anything”…. William Conner Magee.
“There is no failure except is no longer trying”…. Elbert Hubbard.
” Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”…. Henry Ford.
This discussion is heralded by 3 quotations. Do you know why? It is because Y has a long tail and two branches.
Ok let’s quit kidding. The reason is that most people with so much talents end up at this point, sending to the grave their huge wealth of skill and wisdom.
People have a way of always criticizing those who make mistakes without realizing that those who make mistakes are making something at least. There is no perfection. Life’s pursuits are comprised of a serves of attempts to overcome oppositions and correct mistakes. He who is not making mistakes and continually trying to correct them is not living; he might just merely exist.
Where are those who criticize failures? Come let me ask you know what is failure? That you fell down or you missed your step doesn’t make you a failure. Hear Robert Schuller speak “failure doesn’t mean that your are a failure, it only means that you have not succeeded yet”. The secret truth of it is that failure is one of the steps on the ladder of success. When you fail, hear me say CONGRATULATIONS, because it tells me that you are doing something.
You become a failure when you give up in the face of defeat. I see failure as a temporary set backs. They do not not last except in the dictionary of a loser. Do not be afraid of failure although most people are. Avoiding failure is like avoiding success because you have to cross the step of failure before you can mount the platform of success.
Joe Girad wrote ” you must use the stairs because the elevator is out of order’. I have heard people say that it was never meant to be. May I ask ‘how do you now”? Hear this and do not forget it; if you succeed in avoiding failure, you would have failed to achieve success. There is no successful man without his failure story. Failure is not an end it is just a passing phase. I have come to realize that in the compound of success, failure is the security guard. You must go past him before you can have access to the house owner(Mr Success).
He that tries to climb in through the fence is a thief. The security guard (Mr. Failure) is standby to shoot at any of such moves
Henry Ford said it all when he said that failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. When you embark on a project and fail, it means that something, some where is wrong with your project plans and strategy. Failure i s the only opportunity by which you will notice these mistakes and try to amend them. If you had not been given this second chance by failure, how would you correct this? You would have gone on with the wrong attempt and end up with the wrong results. No an is without imperfection. As we go along, we do our best to correct this imperfections.
In the journey to rule your world, dotting your I’d and crossing your T’s is permitted. You would not have noticed your undotted I and your uncrossed T if you had not failed. As a person I get more motivated after a failure because it gives me an opportunity to rebrand. The initial bad feelings the feelings you failed to observe previously..
Crack the nut and eat the seed. For except the nut is cracked, the seed remains hidden. Welcome mistakes and failures with the right mind. See them as personal check ups and not check outs. Accept them when they come and try to do better the next time.


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