Imitation and Comparison

  IMITATION AND COMPARISON There are no two people with the same qualities or abilities anywhere. Everyone is so unique that no one can find his photocopy. When you know that you are a rare breed. Comparison is a very poor scale for assessment. No ones abilities and capabilities can be judged by that of another. We all have a way of doing it the way we know it best. Every man is the best in his own world of his talents. I always advocate; do not follow the crowd. Dare to be different. Comparison is a personal limitation. It … Continue reading Imitation and Comparison

Believe in Yourself

Though it might be a great task, but it is worth doing. No matter the extra effort it will take, you have to be positive about life and your creator as it will make you strong to surmount the challenges that lie ahead and give us the keys to living a fruitful life. He testifies to this by asserting that “I am the way My slave thinks of Me’. Believing in one’s self involves believing that God has created you in the perfect way with the grace to excel in your endeavours because “there is no fault in the creation … Continue reading Believe in Yourself

Mistakes and Failures

  “The man, who makes no mistakes, does not usually make anything”…. William Conner Magee. “There is no failure except is no longer trying”…. Elbert Hubbard. ” Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”…. Henry Ford. This discussion is heralded by 3 quotations. Do you know why? It is because Y has a long tail and two branches. Ok let’s quit kidding. The reason is that most people with so much talents end up at this point, sending to the grave their huge wealth of skill and wisdom. People have a way of always criticizing those who make … Continue reading Mistakes and Failures

Book Review

As I spent a lot of time watching the walk, I realized that there was also a style of eating,of speaking, of behaviour and getting along with different personality. It wasn’t enough that I was good at my own Habit. It wasn’t just a stroll – it was a complete Transformation. And intently, as I watched, I noticed that what book was read was germane, as was what stuff you gave a full attention to, how you talk to your colleagues, what you said at every Occasion- everything, in fact, was being Judged, acted upon. WHY YOU ACT THE WAY … Continue reading Book Review


  Good Morning to you all. The mind which is trained to read well has its analytic and critical powers developed. The mind which is trained to discuss well has them further sharpened. One requires a tolerance for arguments through dealings patiently and sympathetically. We learn that the only authority is reasons and evidence. We do not try to gain ascendancy by show of force or by counting the noses of those of those who disagree with us. Genuine issues cannot be decided by mere weight of opinion. We must appeal to reason, not depend on pressure. It is irrelevant … Continue reading Hello


The moment a man decides to start living, that very moment he has decided to start working. Living is continues and so is working. No one survives without working. Work could be negative or positive. By this I mean you could work for bad and work for good, this is not our topic today; but remember to always do good. People are of the opinion that rich people don’t work. Work is defined as an act that involves physical, or mental, or spiritual part of a matter to achieve something. This definition makes it clear to us that most people … Continue reading Hardwork


TWO NETWORKS AAUA✍🏽✍🏽✍🏽 WRITERS’ CLUB Xenophobia (By Akingboju Henry) You see through his eyes and into his soul You then look at yours You hear his cries for what’s right and what’s been lost You then hear yours You look into his past, his struggles, his victories, his lies You see his happiness, pain, anger and dreams They are similar to yours You look at his face and all its features They are different from yours In view of the fading animals The proliferation of sewers and fears The sea clogging, the air Nearing extinction We should be kind, we … Continue reading TWO AAUA WRITERS CLUB


TWO Networks AAUA ✍✍✍ Poets Club Remorse Ever since I could remember, Everything inside of me, Just wanted to fit in But all in all it ain’t so bad I’m still one of a kind, And I’ve been wastin’ my chances one by one Yeah I played cards with the devil & man… he won What have I become, what have I done? I spoke to the Devil today, and he swears he’s not to blame. And I understood, cause I feel the same Arms wide open, I stand alone. I’m no hero, and I’m not made of stone. Right … Continue reading TWO AAUA POETS CLUB